What’s New in Osteoarthritis Research

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You might have been told by your doctor that they just can’t “fix” your osteoarthritis. Current treatment methods are geared towards reducing the symptoms rather than the disease itself, which might be disheartening to some who just want to be cured of their ailment. But that doesn’t mean the future doesn’t hold hope. Scientists and researchers aren’t content with what we have right now and are tirelessly working to come up with easy and affordable remedies for degenerative joint disease, more commonly known as osteoarthritis.


Although these very experts haven’t gotten to the testing stage yet, their work has yielded plentiful evidence that supports the possibility of not only stopping arthritis, but also reversing and preventing it.


Halting Progression

Currently, only a handful of studies have identified the potential to stop the progression of the arthritis in patients already suffering from it, however the researchers involved are confident that they may have “hit gold”. One such study has discovered that osteoarthritic cartilage cells function differently than normal cartilage cells owing to certain enzymes. These enzymes are thus affecting the genes responsible for cartilage wear and progressive arthritis - the research involves identifying them and preventing arthritis in patients from worsening by removing or modifying the enzymes that affect those genes.

A different team of researchers have also claimed to have discovered another entity that could possibly stunt arthritis progression. The study has located a natural genetic molecule called microRNA 140 that occurs in the body that is shown to counter the growth of arthritis through gene expression. And the fact that this molecule is found within the body, new treatments with significantly lower side effects and chances of rejection can be developed.


Curing Degenerative Joint Disease

Another line of research has discovered that stem cells can, to a certain extent, regenerate damaged cartilage, resolving a prominent cause behind the acute joint pain felt by patients of osteoarthritis. The study aims at creating permanent and affordable solutions for the disease.


While these new leaps and discoveries are being made, there is much about arthritis that still remains a mystery of medical science. Current research has yet to identify the cause or reason behind the onset of arthritis, as well as multiple other indicators of why our bodies tend to break down in older age. But given the studies that are being conducted and the possibilities they hold for the future, we’re only taking the last few steps towards the right answers. All we need is a little patience and to hold our trust in the people working towards an arthritis-free world.


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