We have a myriad of success stories to share, individuals who have successfully restored Mobility and Health


Pain-free living means you get to enjoy those precious moments with your loved ones and restore activities that you love.

- By Cora



I can now walk without pain or even a limp as my knee bends and straightens much better. I can also go up and down stairs without too much soreness. Where other injections were not effective, these were. I believe the guided imaging getting the injection to the right spot makes the difference. Give the U.S. Knee Center a try.



Having suffered two major injuries to my knee years ago, I have endured knee pain and stiffness for 40 years. I was amazed to experience less pain with increased mobility after only the second injection. Noman's (PT) skills were an added bonus as he individualized my treatments to my limitations. The US Knee Center is a very pleasant place; the staff most welcoming and capable. The doctor is very caring with his patients. I thank them all!

From Candace, Sara at the front desk, Michael's caring manner and Noman's professional therapeutic skills I was taken care of very well! You have assembled a very cohesive staff!
If a friend or family member was curious about US Knee Center, I would emphasize how pain-free the treatments are, the results are amazing, so far, I have more mobility and much less pain.

- By Steven



I did an 8 weeks U.S. Knee Center program to avoid knee replacement and now I am able to do things I have not been able to do before...all kinds of yard work, playing with my dog. I had to quit doing all that kind of things I loved. Even getting in and out of bed was hard to do but today, I just “popped” out of bed! I really appreciate the care I have gotten here at the center. The physical therapy really helped me with everything even my equilibrium which wasn’t that good before! I am very happy.

-By Keith



I now feel I’m ready to travel around the world - something I had put off for the last 5 years. This is much better than a double knee replacement as recommended by the Orthopedic Doctors.
Generally speaking, the total treatment experience has been well worth the time, and you won’t find a more competent medical and office staff than at this US Knee Center.

-By Leonie



The combination of physical therapy and injections of hyaluronic acid has improved my mobility, functionality, and frame of mind. The treatments have definitely alleviated my knee pain
What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at this practice has been the positive attitude of the staff. In addition to the fact that the treatment regimen was effective, the upbeat and professional demeanor of all the personnel made each visit to the US Knee Center a positive, pleasurable, and rewarding experience. They treat the patient as a human being. (They) use humor and intelligible explanation of procedures, progress, etc.
I have already commented to friends and family regarding the efficacy of the treatments I have received at the US knee Center.

-By Martin

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