Our skilled professionals work with complete devotion to revive and improve joint movement​


Our patients feel relieved from pain


Our experts evaluate your movement patterns, pinpoint the cause of your pain, and help you get rid of that pain. We understand that every patient’s pain and condition is unique and tailor the solution that suits you best

Why does our program work when others fail?


Our comprehensive program works together, multiplying the effects of each treatment to improve the condition of the knee joint. We are constantly refining our program with the latest treatments and technology so you can keep doing the activities you enjoy.



Unloader bracing - immediate pain relief, the correct bracing takes the pressure off the compacted joint space, also decompresses space to allow visco-supplementation adequate space to be more effective.


Visco-supplementation - immediate cushioning effect that is delivered by fluroscope which is an advanced motion X-ray unit to give lubrication to the knee joint while reducing inflammation. Physical therapy that assist the injected medications by improving range of motion and strength as well as functional capacity to the knee.


The combination of the bracing, visco-supplementation and physical therapy working together synergistically greatly intensifies the effectiveness of each treatment which is reflected in our high percentage of successful outcomes.


The program is customized for each patient, depending on previous treatments, level of pain, degree of flexibility and condition of the knee joint.


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